Wednesday, February 12, 2014


So earlier I remembered something I used to do with LS#1, Me sitting on her shoulders.  We got pretty good before we grew enough that together it was hard to fit in the doorways, Able to do things like run(or at least walk really fast.), and kinda wobble-dance.  We can still do it, but we are bigger now and dont have enough room inside.  So I decided to see if she wanted to do it.  She said no, but I was determined, and instead convinced LS#2 to be the legs here.  She has had no practice whatsoever with this sort of thing.  So, we head to the best room to practice, the Parent's bedroom, as it has a large bed tall enough to be a good stool and if we fall we are likely to land on it.  So, I get on, and everything seems fine, then suddenly we are flying completely forward, with only enough reaction time to grab the nearby clothes rack before landing on the floor.  LS#1 came rushing to see if we were injured, while I decided to simply stay where I landed for a little while.  We were both fine, although my hand still hurts a little.

We managed to actually get it a few minutes later, and made it to the living room before I got down.
They like to describe me as a twig, so we decided not to go ahead and try her on my shoulders.

In other news, I am actually working on making a manga.  I'm writing out how it's going to go,  Haven't made the script yet though.  I don't even have full characters made, just placeholders like "The-Smart-One" and "Main-Char".  But it's going pretty well.  I decided to figure out exactly how I want to end it, And then ended up turning my work on that into a halfway point instead, so I now need to come up with a new ending.  And the big bad, need to come up with them and their goals too.

At least I kinda have the magic figured out!

Sunday, February 9, 2014


What the?! It's been almost a week since I last posted!
I did not mean to drop off again.  I'm Glad I caught it so soon.

This year, I shall only be spending money on 2 things.  MAICon when it comes in September, and my Costume for it.  I am saving up my money as much as I can, but those are high enough on my priority list.  I am going to be Jirachi, hopefully, and my sisters are going to be Shaymin and Manaphy.  Although LS#1 is thinking about whether or not to switch to Mew.  I hope to grab my best friend in as Victini or such, because it would be awesome!

I have recently discovered that I can pretty accurately replicate Pinkie Pie's voice, which is pretty cool.  I can get close to most of the others, except for Applejack.  Even though I live here, I have no idea how to do a correct southern accent.  I consider my best(excluding Pinkie) to be Rainbowdash, but I havent asked anyone else on this.

I recently watched Smile Precure.  I have no idea why I like precure stuff so much.  It's cheesy, occasionally dumb, and kinda repetitive but I just love it.  My favorite Precure series is Heartcatch, with Smile coming and beating Fresh for 2nd place.

Hmmm, What else to write about?
...I like Chocolate very much :3

Haru no Hikaru

Monday, February 3, 2014


So, while I am not on the level of Fred & George, I do enjoy playing a prank on someone occasionally.  Last night, I pranked Little Sis#2 and Mom.  I switched their desktop background to a flipped version of it, inverted their whole desktop, and then went to bed.

I am now alerted to the fact that Mom has played around with the settings just as much as I have(A previous prank on me involved slowing down my cursor and adding a trail, but I knew how to fix that.) and it will be hard to find one that really gets her.  I did get LS#2 pretty good apparently.

Im evil enough to play pranks, but not evil enough to frame someone else.  I left a note telling them how to fix it afterwards.  Apparently, the note is what made it obvious that it was me and not LS#1, Her handwriting is pretty different from mine.  Lefty vs Righty, afterall.

Mom has informed me that sometime in the future, no idea when, she will get me back.  It will not be on April 1st, that's for other pranks.  But she will give me a retaliating prank.  I'm not really scared, it sounds fun.

In other news, it's already Febuary. And that really baffles me.  It feels like it should be 2 weeks into Jan, but nope, half a week into Feb.  I am going to slow down a bit on the model making, probably, as there are other projects that I kinda want to do right now.  I've got a huge list of models to make, and that makes it seem to me like I'm not allowed to do anything else when I've got a ton of people waiting for me to finish.  But right now I'm wanting to work on my Utau, and make some USTs for songs I like.  So I'm not going to be popping out models one after the other after the other.  I'm going to be releasing some other stuff too.  I think that's all I have to say.  Bye!

Sunday, January 26, 2014

Oh, Right . . .

Oh yeah, I'm supposed to post on here too . . . Better late then never!

So last time I caught you guys up on the MMDModels list, by giving you links to my deviantart.
I am going to do the same now, really.  But, Rainbowdash has come out!
Rainbowdash Models!

Does anyone even look at this blog?

Saturday, December 7, 2013

So . . . Yeah . . .

Whoops! Didnt mean to stop posting for months!
I'll be better about it from now on.

So, the last model anybody here got was Spike.  Time to fix that!

So that's you guys all caught up on that now.  Next up is Rainbowdash, coming eventually!

Saturday, August 24, 2013


So I went to my dashboard-thingy today to see if any blogs I'm following had any new posts, and I realized it's been just under a month since the last time I posted! I'm so sorry for the accidental hiatus!
I will try to do better in the future.

So, I recently got a monster high doll.  I've been wanting one for awhile, to customize, but I've been having so much fun with the doll I got that I dont really want to customize her, at least right now.  If I ever do customize her, I do know who she will be turned into. If I do, she will become Raven from Teen Titans.  Mostly because I got a Ghoulia Doll and have no way to paint the skin.

In a little more then a week, I will show you my school project. Not gonna show you any work in progresses though.

One thing that getting a monster high doll has done.  It has sparked another spur of Knitting.  I have been knitting costumes for her to wear.  So far, I have this really cool Purple Genie Costume, with those poofy pants that Jasmine likes to wear(I love those :3 ), And I'm working on a Legend of Zelda Link Costume, but altered a bit for a girl, so it's a Link-ette Costume.  I've got the tunic and am working on making a hat.  I'm having a lot of fun knitting small things, since they dont take as long to make as it would take to make a full size one.  Can you imagine how long it would take to make a Link Tunic?  Probably around the same as a sweater, since you wouldnt have to do the sleeves as long but the rest of it would have to be a bit longer then normal.  I really dont have the patience to knit a sweater, I can barely get through a scarf(Once . . .) so a sweater would be exhausting.

Saturday, July 27, 2013


Later today, we will be going on a vacation! I will not be able to post for that time, as it is a road trip(not that I've been consistent with my posts anyway :P )
When I get back, I hope to have a lot of cool stuff to show you guys, and tell about.
Until then, I'm going to the beach XD